Sound of Text WhatsApp | Sound of Text Wa

Sound of Text WhatsApp | Sound of Text Wa gives new meaning to your WhatsApp e­xperience. Se­e 16 unique personalizing fe­atures like your own ringtones and notifications in diffe­rent languages. Get a fre­sh WhatsApp audio feel now!

Sound of Text Whatsapp

Sound of Text Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a known name in today’s communication world. But did you e­ver think about making your WhatsApp audio notifications your own? Say hello to Sound Of Text – a fre­e tool to turn text into spee­ch. It’s like your personal voice-ove­r for WhatsApp. In this piece, we’ll e­xplore 16 amazing ways you can harness Sound Of Text for WhatsApp. Sit tight, re­ady to take off!

Sound of Text on WhatsApp

Ever thought of spicing up your WhatsApp with audio? Use Sound Of Text to convert your messages into sound bites. Just head over to Sound Of Text’s website, enter the textual content, and convert it into an audio clip that you could share on WhatsApp. Send private voice notes with out even speaking—now, it is comfort at its finest.

Sound of text WhatsApp | Sound of text Wa

Sound of Text WhatsApp Indonesia

Are you an Indonesian person? Good news! Sound Of Text helps a couple of languages, inclusive of Bahasa Indonesia. Customize your WhatsApp notifications with culturally relevant sounds and languages. Tingkatkan percakapan WhatsApp Anda dengan suara yang lebih lokal!

How to Use Sound of Text on WhatsApp

So how does this magic appear? It’s simple:

  1. Visit Sound Of Text and enter the textual content you desire to transform.
  2. Choose your language and voice kind.
  3. Download the generated audio document.
  4. Open WhatsApp and fix the downloaded report in your chat.

Sound of Text Cool on WhatsApp

Here’s the kicker—Sound Of Text lets you alter the pitch, velocity, and quantity of the audio, making your WhatsApp notifications sound extremely-cool. Get innovative and make your voice notes sound like they have got been professionally produced!

Sound of Text for WhatsApp Notifications

Are generic notification sounds too mainstream for you? Custom tailor your notifications the usage of Sound Of Text. Imagine hearing “You’ve got a message, champ!” in a active tone every time you get hold of a text. Isn’t that neat?

Download Sound of Text for WhatsApp

So, where can you get those cool sound bites? Simply go to Sound Of Text, generate your favored audio, and click on ‘Download.’ Save the file in your phone and you are good to go!

Sound of Text Ringtone for WhatsApp

Take it up a notch by way of placing a Sound Of Text audio as your ringtone for WhatsApp calls. Be it a relaxed melody uttering “Incoming call” or a more dramatic “Ring, ring, pick up!”—the sky’s the restrict!

Sound of Text on WhatsApp for iPhone

iPhone users, you’re no longer left out. While the stairs are similar to Android, iOS users will have to keep the audio document to Files first before sharing it on WhatsApp.

Sound of Text Notifications WhatsApp

Custom notifications can upload a customized contact on your WhatsApp chats. For iPhone users, after saving the audio report to ‘Files,’ you can without difficulty share it across your chats or even set it as a custom notification for man or woman contacts. Android customers can at once set it from their down load folders.

Sound of Text Notifications WhatsApp in Google Voice

Pair Sound Of Text with Google Voice to receive transcripts of your WhatsApp voice messages. Get an audio notification pronouncing, “New Voice Transcript Available,” making it less difficult to hold music of your voice messages at the move.

Sound of Text Notifications WhatsApp in Indonesian

For people who talk predominantly in Indonesian on WhatsApp, Sound Of Text has were given you blanketed. Set your notifications to say “Pesan baru!” or “Ada panggilan masuk!” to make your WhatsApp revel in more relatable and attractive.

Sound of Text Notifications WhatsApp Cool

Why accept the regular while you can have cool, proper? Transform mundane message alerts into something like, “Hey, you are famous! New message!” or “Someone’s missing you; check your chat.”

Sound of Text Notifications WhatsApp Funny

Add a snigger to your day with humorous audio notifications. How about a voice saying, “Guess who? You’ve were given a textual content!” or “Ring ring, your interest is wanted on WhatsApp!”

Sound of Text Notifications WhatsApp Funny Korea

For K-Drama and K-Pop fanatics, how about some humorous Korean audio notifications? Imagine your cellphone exclaiming, “안녕하세요! 메시지가 도착했습니다!” (Hello! You’ve got a message!) whenever a brand new text pops up.

Sound of Text Notifications WhatsApp Child Voice

Find your inner toddler with Sound Of Text’s infant voice alternatives. These youthful voices could make your notifications say such things as, “Yay, you purchased a message!” or “Someone wants to play, check your WhatsApp!”

Sound of Text Message WhatsApp

Last but not least, you could also convert any incoming textual content messages into audio. Use Sound Of Text to study your messages aloud, making it less complicated to multitask or go palms-unfastened.


Sound Of Text gives a buffet of alternatives to make your WhatsApp enjoy now not just functional, however additionally fun, customized, and lots extra interactive. From voice ringtones to multilingual notifications, the possibilities are countless. And the excellent component? It’s all unfastened! So why stay with the identical vintage when you could improve to the amazing? Get began with Sound Of Text for WhatsApp and add an entire ne

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